67 blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

Celebrating Success of Nelson Mandela Day of Service


20160717_112200We did it!  The music, blanket display, joy that permeated the way people worked together, and the words of the blessing readings and prayers  made for a meaningful and memorable event – 67 Blankets were collected for Nelson Mandela Day of Service, July 18, 2016.  Everyone deserves a great big thanks!!

photo of a statue of Nelson Mandela, with donated hand-made blankets on the base, and the number "67"


Reverend Sindile Dlimani  (Michigan Park Christian Church) brought this opportunity of service to Shepherd Park Christian Church. Through the effort of the congregation and community we were able to provide covering to residents of the District of Columbia (See the Facebook page of Central  Union Mission). A wonderful ceremony (July 17) to bless the providers of the blankets and the people who will be served was followed by a meaningful sermon by Reverend Leathers. We were pleased to have Reverend Sindile participate in the service. Brother Andre Leonard provided relevant music. Here are a few pictures.


67 blankets for Nelson Mandela DayI hope that you felt the joy of giving and the love of Christ as the blankets were packed up for delivery.  We gave blankets that were beautiful, useful and filled with love.  In the months ahead people “who have come upon hard times” will receive the warmth and love of Shepherd Park Christian Church (SPCC) members and friends through the blankets we have provided.  Rose Shaw has asked that she and her church (Israel Baptist Church) be included if we do something like this again.

Thanks again.

Be well..

Catherine Hargrove