Conversations of Healing begin July 11

Justice Ministries conversations 2021 graphic

The Disciples Justice Ministries invite you to be brave and courageous this summer. You can participate in a series of conversations beginning July 11 focusing on how we can move forward past the brokenness we see all around us. Last summer during #DOCjustsummer, Disciples were introduced to the work of several of our many ministries of justice. This summer Disciples can go deeper, learn what they can do locally, and connect with the ministries that resonate most deeply.

July 11, 7 pm EDT – Facing Brokenness: Church

Join a watch party and virtual conversation after the presentation of Facing Brokenness: Church. A recording of a panel of four Disciple leaders will be followed by live conversation online. Participants include: Rev. April Johnson, Reconciliation Ministry; Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr., Disciples Justice Action Network; Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston, Disciples Center for Public Witness; and Rev. Alex Ruth, Disciples Men.

July 25, 7 pm EDT – Facing Brokenness: Communities

The second of the summer series of conversations features a panel to discuss how human brokenness can affect our communities. Stay on after the recorded panel for a live virtual discussion. Participants will include: Rev. Paul Witmer, National Benevolent Association; Rev. Brian Frederick Gray, Disciples Peace Fellowship; Rev. Melissa Guthrie Loy, Disciples AllianceQ; and Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Disciples Home Missions’ Refugee and Immigration Ministries.

Also plan on joining the Disciples Justice Ministries for two additional planned panels.

  • August. 15, 7 pm EDT – Facing Brokenness: World
  • August 29, 7 pm EDT – Facing Brokenness: Creation