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FEMA Information Session on New Member Applications for the National Youth Preparedness Council, January 27 at 2pm E.T.

Do you know a teen who has a passion for leadership preparedness? FEMA is accepting applications for its 2021 Youth Preparedness Council.
Since 2012, FEMA has brought together young leaders who are interested in supporting disaster preparedness and making a difference in their communities by completing disaster preparedness projects nationally and locally. The council supports FEMA’s commitment to involving America’s youth in preparedness-related activities. Additionally, it provides FEMA the opportunity to engage young people and solicit their perspectives, feedback, and opinions in building a Culture of Preparedness.
As part of the council, members meet with FEMA leadership throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives, and projects. Membership provides young leaders a two-year opportunity to make a positive impact on their community and develop skills to elevate their academic endeavors and career. Members of the council have the opportunity to become change agents in their community.
Members are selected for two-year terms and are chosen based on their passion for preparedness and helping others, their involvement in their community, and their aptitude for working in a team and as a leader.
The application period is open to teens in grades 8-11 till 11:59 p.m. PT on March 7. Selected candidates will be notified in May 2021. Interested students may apply online at here!
The Individual and Community Preparedness Division looks to our partners to help spread the word! For more information about the Youth Preparedness Council or other youth-focused preparedness initiatives contact us at FEMA-Prepare@fema.dhs.gov.

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