The Disciples' Chalice

HELM Offers Online Brochures for Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, and Divinity Houses!

Higher Education Learning Ministries (HELM)A year and a half ago, Higher Education & Leader Ministries (HELM) produced a full color brochure of the 14 Disciples Colleges and Universities. The brochure was such a success that we exhausted our initial supply of 5,000 and did a second printing this year.

This year, we also worked with the 7 Disciples Seminaries and Divinity Houses to produce a similar brochure for theological education. We anticipate it will be well received and will be useful in promoting Disciples theological education across the church. We are in the process of distributing copies of both brochures to all of the regional offices and camps.

In addition to the print brochures, we have successfully added an electronic version of each brochure to the HELM website. I wanted to make you aware of these resources.

Link for Disciples Colleges and Universities brochure –

Link for Disciples Seminaries and Divinity Houses brochure –