Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SPCC

Salt and Light 2015 BreakfastNew to SPCC?

What to Expect at SPCC

We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive and find out more for yourself! At Shepherd Park Christian Church (SPCC), you’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you.

Please observe the SPCC CoVID guidelines.
We have established an online pre-registration process (to aid for contact tracing, if ever needed) and to manage building capacity. Please use the link if you are planning to attend in-person worship on a given Sunday. The pre-registration period will end on Saturday evenings at midnight and resume the following Monday for the next week’s service. You will need to register for each Sunday, and you can feel free to do so in advance.
  • “How should I dress?” Come as you are. You may come dressed or casual, but be comfortable and ready for worship.
  • “Where do I park?” You may park in the church parking lot located in the rear, on the street, or in the public parking garage across the street which is free on Sundays. If you park in the rear lot, you may enter at the nearest door which leads to the lower level. Head upstairs to the sanctuary for worship, or straight ahead to the fellowship hall for most of our meetings. Otherwise, please enter at the large wooden double-doors to the church lobby on the main level.
  • 2018 Vacation Bible School“What do I do with my kids?” Your children can worship with you. Parents/ grandparents/ guardians are asked to register children as well.
  • “How long is the service going to be?” A typical Sunday worship service begins at 11:30am and lasts about 1½- sometimes 2 hours.
  • “How would you describe the church as if it were a person?” SPCC is a mature and intense congregation, with an intentional history of tolerance and diversity which is representative of the community of Shepherd Park.
  • Praise in the house!“Is worship contemporary or traditional?” Our services are generally traditional, leaning towards the contemporary. We have a little something for everyone!
    • The Bible-based messages are inspiring, thought-provoking and engaging.
    • Uplifting music which consists of a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs.
    • Holy Communion is served every Sunday.
  • Upon your visit, we’d love the opportunity to meet you. We invite you to fill out a “Visitor Card” sometime before you leave so that we can learn more about you and connect with you. This is the place to find out the best next steps to getting connected at Shepherd Park Christian Church.

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