Shepherd Park Christian Church

Little Free Pantry at SPCC

Little Food Pantry @ SPCC

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Shepherd Park Christian Church has set up a Little Free Pantry (LFP). LFPs are similar to Little Free Libraries, only with food and other supplies. Ours, located near the front of the church and can be accessed every day, 24- hours/day, is set up with:

  • canned meats, fish,
  • vegetables,
  • pasta, pasta sauce,
  • rice,
  • soups,
  • condiments,
  • individual packages each containing a face mask, a bottle of hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, and a bar of soap
  • baby diapers,
  • toilet paper,
  • paper towels,
  • and cleaning supplies.
Little Food Pantry @ SPCC

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If you have suggestions for other items we can stock, please let us know.

The principle is for neighbors to take what they need and to give back when they can.
There is a website to support the effort called where anyone can view the current offerings in the pantry. Photos can also be emailed to