Mission First!

Mission Gathering Report

Report on the Capital Area Gathering

November 15, 2016

We thank your congregation for participating in Mission First!

We wanted to give you a quick report from your Mission Gathering so that you have a sense of what we received from all of you. This is not comprehensive – just a glimpse into your Mission First! Gathering as we move forward in this process.

First, we want to say thank you! There were so many themes that were shared when we asked how your community currently responds in mission. Here are just a few of the highlights (in Word Cloud form to show how frequently they were mentioned

Here are three of the ten-word stories of things learned in mission that came out of your gathering — we hope you might share them with your congregation in a mission moment:

  • Accepting differences in people. It is not just the down trodden that need support.
  • That one or two can make a big difference. Encourage volunteers — less critics.
  • Connection and caring and listening make community unity of God’s creation.

And finally, while there were so many ideas shared – here is a snapshot of we heard most often from you about how Disciples might engage in God’s mission together:

We want to thank you for your gift to the church. This is just the first step in our wider process. As we move forward and gather these gifts together, we will be able to share a vision from the whole church – and that includes your insights.

Stay tuned in the coming months to hear from other groups as we continue to listen for God’s call to shared mission together. Please pray for the Mission Council as they prepare to receive these bountiful gifts from our Mission Gatherings.

Get re-inspired. You can watch (or share) General Minister and President Sharon Watkins’ address from the 2015 General Assembly.

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