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Region Tentatively Opens Christian Church Conference Center for Spiritual Retreats

The Christian Church Capital Area Region has cautiously decided to allow individuals and already existing family groups (those already a part of the same household) who are part of a Christian Church Capital Area congregation use of the three retreat buildings at our Conference Center at Bethany Beach for Spiritual Retreats: Scott House, Disciples House, Stone House.  These will be available only after the July 4th weekend through Labor Day weekend This will be done on a restricted and limited basis, and according to the guidelines set by the State of Delaware Health Department. 

There will be a per person charge PLUS a per/building COVID-19 quality cleaning charge that will have to be paid in full prior to the retreat.  Likewise, all individuals and families will have a greater responsibility in ensuring that COVID-19 safety concerns are addressed so additional preparations and clean-up will be required.  Finally, since we are forbidden from using the Conference Center as a de facto hotel, this must be designed as a Spiritual Retreat and a Chaplain must be named prior to the start of the retreat.

These Spiritual Retreats can be schedule for up to five days and cannot include Tuesday or Wednesday which will be reserved for cleaning purposes.  Check-in will be after 1 p.m. on Thursday and check out will be before 6 p.m. on Monday.  Please submit an Application HERE and see Availability Dates Here.

Please note: We reserve the right to close the Conference Center and cancel all retreats for any reason if the Region believes there is any new or additional risks to the safety and health of participants.

To get more information and to reserve your Spiritual Retreat please contact Aracelis Vicente at