Got New Life?

“How Can I Become a Christian?”-
God’s Plan for Salvation

Salvation is free to all. Just believe it and receive it!

  1. “What is salvation?”
  2. “Why do I need it?”
  3. “Can I be rescued (saved)?” or
    “How can I get into Heaven?”
  4. “How can I be sure I’m saved?”
  5. “I’m saved, now what?”
Discover Newness in Christ
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Download this free PDF Bible study that will help you understand the scriptural concept of being new in Christ.


“What is baptism”, “Why do I need to/ should I be baptized?”

Holy Communion or The Lord’s Supper

“What is the Lord’s Supper?” “Can I take Holy Communion?”

Giving Back to God

“Why should I pay tithes?”