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Agnus Day

The Lectionary Comic Strip
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The Cartoonist

A cartoon of John the Baptist reading, "The Honey and Locust Diet". Looking to the sky, he asks, "You're kidding... right!?!"

Salt and Light

cartoon of carolers on one another's shoulders while trying to sing to elderly couple on a balcony. Caption reads, caroling at the condo tower was a bit of challenge for Cass Park Church.

The Back Pew

This Gospel cartoon features features John the Baptist a sharped dressed man eating his diet of choice locust and honey (Mark 1:6). He says, "No one can eat just one!"

Toon Fever

Toon Fever

Reverend Fun

Reverend Fun Cartoons

Old Preacher Joke of the Week

Jesus walks into a bar with a Samaritan and a leper, and the bartender says, “Is this a joke?”
And Jesus replies, “No, it’s a parable.”

Weekly Bible Riddle

Q: What Christmas carol is sung in the desert? A: O Camel Ye Faithful.