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Agnus Day

The Lectionary Comic Strip
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The Cartoon Gospels

Luke 3:1-6- Pass the Locust, Honey.


Salt and Light

Cartoon of the Week


The Back Pew

This Bible cartoon features John the Baptist crying in the wilderness to make straight the crooked roads like any good Civil Engineer would do.


Reverend Fun

Reverend Fun Cartoons


Toon Fever

Toon Fever


Joke of the Week

An atheist complained to a Christian friend, “You Christians have your special holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Jews celebrate their national holidays, such as Passover and Yom Kippur. But we atheists have no recognized national holidays. It’s unfair discrimination.”
His friend replied, “Well, why don’t you celebrate April first?”

Old Preacher Joke

Q: What Christmas carol is sung in the desert?
A: O Camel Ye Faithful.