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CCCA Campaign “More Than Enough!”

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We have done it! Mission accomplished! Praise God!

As the November newsletter goes to print, pledges to More Than Enough! total $100,500!

In the ten months since the Campaign was launched last January, we have exceeded the goal of $100,000 in pledges/gifts for each of the three years (2022, 2023, 2024). The Search and Call Committee, seeking our next settled Regional Minister, will be able to assure candidates that CCCA offers the position on a full time basis, as we have enjoyed in the past. All Campaign funds are set aside from the Region’s annually budgeted expenditures, serving as an available “savings account”, as it were, that will apply entirely and only to the compensation package (salary, benefits, etc.) specified in the yet to be determined call agreement. Explanation of this stated purpose of the Campaign may be found HERE.

We have indeed exceeded our annual goal, but that exciting news should not discourage those who have not yet pledged from doing so–NOW!  The pledge form for YOU or YOUR CONGREGATION to complete and mail to the Regional Office may be found HERE. Please consider joining the generous stewards of CCCA who have collectively inspired this remarkable success.  And who are they?:

-Of the giving units 27 are laity, and these pledges total $45,729. Pledges range from $50 to $10,000.
-Of the giving units 31  are clergy (out of well over 100 clergy with standing), and these pledges total $26,000. Pledges range from $100 to $5000.
-Of the giving units 12  are congregations (out of 36 active congregations), and these pledges total -$28,750. Pledges range from $50 to $9,967.

To date, we have approximately $60,000 of the first year’s pledge total in hand!   Letters of gratitude confirming these pledges will be sent to all contributors in the coming weeks, as a reminder also that payments fulfilling pledges for the first year (2022) should be made out to CCCA, and sent directly to the Regional Office in Kensington.  NOTE: Treasury Services in Indianapolis is NOT involved in the management of our Campaign.

Similarly, if you or your congregation are among those who have not yet committed to More Than Enough!, please declare your intention by sending your pledge form and/or payment to the Regional Office as soon as possible. A revised goal of $110,000 or even $120,000 is not unreasonable to attain, based upon the remarkable success of our effort thus far. $100,500 from only 69 giving units! As you have learned, while generous commitments of “five figures” are truly leadership gifts, pledges of $50, or $100, or $250, or $500 make a difference, too!  What could 100 giving units accomplish!  Please consider becoming one!

The concept of “More than Enough” is inspired by the Apostle Paul’s words in his second letter to the Church in Corinth. Paul was surely prescient: “By God’s grace, we do have more than enough.” The Campaign Committee is grateful to those who have pledged thus far–and to those who will pledge now.

Praise God!

“More Than Enough!” Campaign Committee: Fran Cockerham, Sara Hindsley, Bill Johnston, Yvonne Malone, Bob McCoy, Rev. Yakelin Santos, and Rev. Jeff Stinehelfer (Interim Regional Minister)