Shepherd Park Christian Church

Stewardship Weekly

Moment for Stewardship

(from John 4:28-30)

Have you ever been desperately thirsty? Imagine being thirsty enough to talk to a stranger, asking for a drink!

That would be strange enough, but John tells an even stranger story of Jesus, asking a Samaritan woman, to give him a drink.

What would you do, if Jesus were to ask you to give him something?

We don’t have the physical Jesus here among us today, but we do have the conversation between Jesus and this un-named Samaritan woman. She was so intrigued that a Jewish man had addressed her, she stepped into a life-changing conversation with him.

And we’re invited to do that, as well. In this moment, the body of Christ (the church) is asking you to give a portion of your time, your talent and your treasure. What you give will be translated into connection with those seeking a relationship with Jesus and with this community of faith. What you give will be transformed into food for the hungry and living water for those who thirst.

So bring your gifts, that we might share together, and celebrate as we do the will of God.